Gluggle Jugs

These 'fishy jugs' were very popular in the 1960s and are now making a big comeback.  They were actually first made as long ago as the 1870s in Staffordshire when they were known as 'gurgling jugs' and they have an impressive history with a specially commissioned pair of jugs presented to the Queen and Prince Philip in 1958 as well as also being used to advertise breweries and drinks manufacturers such as Plymouth Gin .

Now made for Wade Ceramics they've been re-branded as Gluggle Jugs which supposedly is the sound they make when liquid is poured from them - glug glug!

We think they're great fun and were so impressed that we've chosen them as water jugs for our dining tables in a beautiful pistachio green colour.  So next time you visit The Wildebeest, remember to listen for the 'gluggle' when you pour a glass of water - and you can even buy your very own Gluggle Jug from us as we're selling both the small and large version in the Restaurant that you can take home to impress your friends.

harriette phillips